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Privacy Policy - Asterlation Solutions

Privacy is highly valued at Asterlation Solutions. Our privacy policy has been designed to gather and use your data responsibly.

Here is a short summary of some terms: By ‘Services,’ we mean the digital marketing services that we are providing. You can check them out on our website: The terms ‘we’ ‘our’ and ‘us’ are used to refer to ourselves. If we use the word ‘you,’ it means we are pointing towards our users, visitors, and subscribers. 

Anyone who agrees to this policy is explicitly stating that they agree to the way we cumulate, cache, utilize, and distribute their data. That also includes their personal information.

Information Collection:

There are two types of information that needs to be grasped. The first is non-personal, and the second is personal. Non-personal is the information that cannot help us in knowing your identity. This includes unspecified data from usage, general demographic data, referred URLs, different platforms used for access, preferences submitted either directly by you or indirectly through the data. The number of times you click are also counted.

On the opposite, personal data is more directly related to you. It means the email address you use to subscribe to our services.

1-    Non-personal Information

This is the information we accumulate using different technological methods. When you log into our website, we know the date and time of that. Similarly, we track your different browsing sessions and their start and end. We also collect information about the browser you use and the platform from which you are coming to our website. Referred URLs that refer you to our site are also tracked.

None of this helps to identify who you are. But it is valuable since it allows us to modify our website according to your needs and requirements. We do this by sending cookies. Some cookies expire when the browsing session ends. These are called session cookies. Some stay on your computer even if you logout. These are called permanent cookies.

2-    Personal Information:

This means the email address you use while subscribing to our mailing list. It also includes the username and password you use to make an account and later login to the site.

The use of data:


There is no selling or trading of your data happening without your explicit consent. We only share your data with those vendors that are serving us. For instance, to send you regular emails, we require sharing data with the servers. But they work under our guidance and cannot use your data as they want.

The information is used to communicate with you. For instance, when you are in need of technical assistance, want to file a complaint or when we want to make you aware of the latest promotions.


Its usage includes evaluating how customers are behaving and then tailoring the website experience according to their requirements.

If another company acquires us or merges with us, your personal data will be shared with them. They will use it according to this privacy policy. It is considered an asset that could be sold and transferred. Our partners will keep using this information in compliance with this privacy policy.

We will keep you updated about any changes that occur so that you could decide accordingly.

Preserving your data:

There are different mechanisms that are being used to protect your data. Usually, firewalls and encryption are used. You are advised to not share private information such as password with anyone. Also, try to logout every time you are going offline for enhanced protection.


You can always unsubscribe from your services. There is an option in the emails we send you to stop receiving emails from us. You can also visit the website’s ‘Settings’ section to delist yourself from our subscriber’s list. But you still might receive some emails such as those related to privacy policy updates.

Using other websites:

If you are going to any other website through a link provided on our website, we are not responsible for their privacy structure. We can only account for what happens on our site. To keep yourself abreast of any third party privacy protocols, read their privacy policy.


Any modifications to our privacy policy can be performed at any time. In the wake of any significant changes, an email will be sent to you. Or we will notify about it on our website. The new changes will go into effect within the upcoming 30 days. To keep yourself updated with minor changes, keep visiting the website.

Communicate with us:

If you have any questions related to our privacy policy, contact us at: