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All About Pay Per Click Management Company

PPC marketing can be stressful and tricky. There are so many things to pull and variables to adjust that it can be overwhelming to watch your produced budget decrease and not know if you see a significant return on your investment for your efforts. If you think below-average pay-per-click campaigns might be dragging your business down, it's time to come for our services.

With several years of experience in the paid online marketing field, Asterlation team of experts knows what's best.

The intricacies of managing PPC and Google Ads are not always easy to understand. It makes it easier for some PPC companies to provide incomplete reports or to dismiss your questions about their work. We do the opposite - you can see everything we do, and we're happy to take the time to make sure you understand.

These are not just empty words. Please find out how we have generated leads and a great investment return for companies in various industries.

How our PPC Management Works


A plan without an investigation is a plan that is doomed to failure. As an expert company in pay-per-click management, we first understand the landscape in which your organization exists. We appreciate your business, the products or services you offer, and we analyze what your successful competitors might do. Our research examines existing paid efforts and identifies effective regular, long-tail, and negative keywords for peak paid ad performance.

We Understand the current playing field to establish a baseline for your campaigns. We research the cost of keywords relevant to your business; then, we determine your budget to get the best results.

A well-informed prediction of how your account will work is essential to adequately fund your ads - spending too little results in low impression, click-through, and conversion rates, while overspending wastes your money. We examine all the available data to determine how much you need to run a successful campaign against your competitors.


Your business is unique, so you deserve your unique strategy. After researching your offerings, target markets, and targets, we develop a plan tailored to your organization's individual needs. We tailor this strategy to consider many aspects of the audience you hope to reach

Before launching a PPC campaign, we need to define the goals. You might want to improve conversion throughout or cut your cost per acquisition in half. Either way, we work with you to ensure your goals are set and then determine the best path to achieve them.

Once we have defined your goals, we develop a master plan to reach your target audience. We will choose which platform components are the best and identify the key indicators against which your campaign's performance will measure. We'll also plan the other details of your campaign, such as the best time of day to advertise and which devices your potential customers prefer.

Campaign Settings

We did the research and aligned ourselves with a strategy. Now we are building the campaigns. We'll make sure your campaign has the right structure, including the right ad groups, site placements, keywords, etc., and set up all relevant ad extensions.

Our designers' team creates compelling and responsive landing pages optimized for conversions regardless of the user's device. We drive people to those landing pages with engaging and targeted paid ads. Everything appropriately tracks and is fully integrated with your existing e-commerce or marketing automation platforms.

PPC is all about relevance. It starts with selecting keywords and the messages that support them, which cuts through every component of your potential customer interactions, from the initial search term to the landing page.

We organize your services or products by relevance to align them with carefully selected search queries. We then prepare banners and landing pages that support these terms for your approval.

Ongoing Monitoring

Your campaigns are out in the world and converting, but our work not complete. Our pay-per-click service includes transparent monitoring and management of your movements to ensure everything is fully optimized and you get the results you want in cost per lead or cost per sale.

We fine-tune bids, optimize keywords, perform A / B tests on all moving parts, and dive into the data to make sure everything goes according to plan.

We keep you informed to know what is working well and where we need to make improvements. When you work with an expert team, you work with a pay per click management company committed to delivering results.

Without conversion data, it is impossible to determine the cost per lead or acquisition accurately. This component of paid research is often misinterpreted or poorly implemented, resulting in inaccurate data collection. We like to close the cycle of conversion actions, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision

Analysis & Reporting:

You always know how your Google Ads campaigns are performing and where every penny of your budget is going. Our team makes sure our PPC reports are clear and easy to understand, and we configure them to highlight what you've invested in and which metrics are essential.

Every month, we schedule a call to review performance, such as click-through and conversion rates, the number of conversions, and leads generated. Any information we have gathered about your campaign's performance and the activities of your competitors

Our PPC Services

Paid Methods

Our company paid services are all about return on investment, which is why our agency is one of the best. We offer precise tracking and funnel-based, transparent, and effective media strategies, all of which we can display in our paid media reports. We perform consistent A / B testing to personalize every customer paid campaign and identify the best options to deliver profitable results.

Google Ads

Our Pay Per Click team members are experts in their field. They provide a high-value traffic sculpture in Google Ads while targeting precise intent targeting to ensure that every ad place in front of our customers' target audiences.

Coinciding with our targeting and traffic tactics in our paid media strategies, Ignite has in-house content writers who create personalized, conversion-based copies to get home results.

Ads Bing

Being an expert in the field means using multiple search platforms and staying up to date with the new technology and user experience on every advertising platform. Our PPC management team can help you extend your Visibility beyond Google with Bing Ads!

To Show

Our display strategies include creating eye-catching custom images as well as high-quality placements. Our in-house designers work hand-in-hand with our Pay Per Click team to make each ad unique and conversion-based. Ignite Paid Media appreciates the importance of each step of the PPC process and tailors it to suit the product. Display ads are done programmatically with personalized multimedia purchases.

How Much Should you Invest in PPC?

Some questions we get the most are: "How much investment require for Google advertisement?" and "How much does your company charge for PPC management?" While there is no single answer to these questions, your responses will be determined by these factors and more:

  • The amount you will invest each day on your ads.
  • Bidding strategy of your company and its objectives
  • How much your competitors willing to pay for the keywords you want to target as well
  • How much your ads are relevant to the target audience.

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