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8 Mesmerizing Examples of Custom Design Wordpress

Over 20% of websites in the world are designing according to the base of WordPress. And this number is increasing massively. The reason behind this is the numerous options of customizations and lots of ways of earning that brands are getting from custom design wordpress websites. Designing the theme in this can easily create the identity of your website in front of online users. And WP is providing all kinds of features and functionalities to boost up your theme engagement. Take a look at these extremely creative and professional designs that some of the big brands have for their websites.

 custom design wordpress

Animal Logic:

There are several digital studios out there that are famous for their creative content and graphical appearances. Animal logic is one of those platforms. On the homepage of their website, they get the services of the best wordpress development company and propose a video of their work. They make use of CSS animations and showcase different kinds of appearances when you move their proposed sliders. If you are seeking inspiration to make your website creative, this is the one that you should lookout. 

Studio AM

Studio AM is a known french company that has the specialty to create creative content in both visual and physical manners. The interface of the website of this company is on this list is because of its simplicity. The company just utilizes typography with the use of cursor-sensitive animations and picks a black color background. It is because of this black background the front appearance or the font can become easily readable no matter what the distance is. You can see their various animations by doing on-scroll functions.

American Scraps

Converting antique and scrapped artifacts from the past and utilize it to create different animations and comics is becoming a big business these days. American Scraps has a huge name in this industry. One of the most effective things in this organization is the quality of the website that it has. It shows the unique and creative scrap designs on the top of the homepage. The company pasted the history of the company on the front and other unique comics as well.

99% Invisible

The famous and the most attractive thing about the website of 99% invisible is the podcast player that they have merged into the homepage. It has an amazing color scheme that matches the files that have been uploaded there recently. On the web page of 99% invisible, you will get easy navigation to special content if they have uploaded any in the past days. The simplicity of the design can easily inspire customers to contact wordpress development services Chicago and get one for them.


Nove is an organization that can build a relation between businesses to the institution of European markets. The unique thing about the website design of this company is the transparent menu buttons on the top of the homepage. The company has also uploaded a full video regarding the company from attractive scenes. One other thing that the attractive layout has the logo on the top, which is of white colors and accurate spacing between the alphabets. The site is a complete example of what you can do with the theme of your WordPress website. 

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive is a company that gives motivation to small businesses and shows them the ways to compete with the bigger ones. It is considered as the parent one for the famous WPBeginner. A simple interface of the website of the company expresses a unique animation regarding the company's mission. You can also read about vital statistics regarding different job opportunities on this platform. The unique theme of this website is inspiring for many companies out there.

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Angry Birds

Angry bird is the most famous mobile game that lies under the category of the arcade. In this game, there are a lot of birds of different colors and species. The main goal of this game is to throwing the bird to destroy things and get points. If you ever check out their website, you will know how creative and colorful they are. They utilize the visual graphics of their game on the website and make it fun, just like the game itself. They get the wordpress web development services in a way that website can reflect the game easily.

Creative Ad Awards

Creative Ad Awards is the place to see exciting ads from all over the world. It allows you to find out the most sophisticated and amazing ad campaigns to promote your brand, products, and offerings. The layout of its website is amazing. The homepage of this website contains a large image of a light brown desert mountain with the matching color scheme font, which is white. The interface of this page is simple and unique, with only small numbers of categories like search box and grid of recent photos.

All of these designs will help you in understanding the fact that with a custom design wordpress website, you can be as much creative as you want. No matter what type of content or element you want to utilize to enhance your WP theme. It will give you the ability to pick according to your desired outcomes and demands. So make sure to take inspiration from the above-mentioned examples and try to make the worth of your brand site as well.

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